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Certified Medical Admin Assistant | CMAA Salary And Responsibilities


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Administrative assistants in the medical field are people who are responsible for staying at the top of administrative duties in physician practices, hospitals as well as other healthcare facilities. When compared to other employees within the healthcare industry the salary of medical administrative assistants is quite low, mostly due to the fact that very little formal education is needed to be a qualified candidate for this position. What’s the salary that medical administrative assistant earn? Continue reading for a thorough review of the medical administrative assistant salaries in 2023.  Pharm Tech EDU provides the best education to become a Certified Medical Administrative Assistant, start with the CMAA course


Medical assistants comprise experts who ensure that hospitals’ medical clerical and physician offices operating without a hitch. Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical administrative assistants number 656,640 currently employed. in the physician’s practices, dental and chiropractic hospitals, dental and chiropractic clinics in nursing homes, and other health facilities across the U.S.

Although some medical administrative assistants have completed diploma certificates as well as associate degrees, the majority have high-school graduates that acquire the required skills while working. Medical administrative assistants can be graduates of medical assistant programs that have chosen to specialize in clerical and not duties in the clinical field.Other terms used for “medical administrative assistant” are MAA medical receptionist, medical secretary the medical front desk clerk healthcare administrative assistant and Ward clerk.

What does a Medical Administrative Assistant Do?

Certified Medical Admin Assistant
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Medical Administrative Assistants offer administrative support required to provide the care that clinical staff provide to patients in health settings.At at a minimum, MAAs greet patients, handle phone calls, respond to phone calls and messages, schedule appointments for patients; manage mail and faxes; as well as make changes to the calendar.They can also create invoices and other insurance documentation.

With the right training With proper instruction, medical administrative assistants can manage and update databases on paper and electronic as well as filing systems.They also perform basic bookkeeping tasks and are also responsible for arranging equipment and supplies.Some are also certified in medical coding education that allows them to interact with insurance companies and other payers to obtain approval for treatment.In any capacity they’re employed Medical administrative assistants perform an important part in ensuring the effective delivery of healthcare.

Where do medical administrative assistants Work?

Medical administrative assistants are employed in various practices:

* Physicians’ practices:

The majority Of medical assistants’ work is in physician office .Apart from the fundamental tasks listed above, MAAs will also be able to perform specific responsibilities such as transcribing notes on treatment into electronic charts, scheduling hospitalizations for patients, keeping track on discharges from patients and processing insurance forms.

* Hospitals:

Medical facilities employ 15 percent of all administrative assistants in healthcare within the U.S.In larger hospitals the majority of units employ an administrative assistant that handles calls, guides visitors and maintains medical charts.It is crucial for front office employees employed in hospitals to possess an understanding of medical terms and records software for patients.

* Outpatient care centers:

Ambulatory clinics such as urgent care clinics, other outpatient clinics represent the majority of medical administrative assistants’ employment.Outpatient clinics, medical assistants do the exact things they do in hospitals.

* Dental and chiropractic offices:

The chiropractor’s office employs three percent of the medical administrator in order to run their office.

• Insurance firms:

In addition to performing a broad variety of administrative duties Medical administrative assistants working for insurance firms typically offer customer services such as printing, preparing and delivering the certificates to customers, as well as providing additional information on policies as required.

What is the typical work Schedule of a MEDICAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT?

Medical administrative assistants employed by practices of physicians are available at all times that MD offices are operating.  They’ll be on the premises at 8:15 a.m. or 9:15 a.m. and will work until 5 p.m. or 6 p.m.  If the office is open in early at night or on weekends they’ll have to work these hours too.  This is also the case for medical front office staff employed by dental offices or chiropractors’ offices as well as outpatient centers.  MAAs working for insurance companies are employed on traditional 9-to-5 hours.

Hospital employees are not required to work conventional shifts.  Medical facilities are accessible 24 hours a day 7 days every week, 365 days per year. an administrative assistant for medical needs to be present throughout the day.  Within hospitals MAAs are employed on 12-hour and eight-hour hours which can include nights, evenings and even weekends.

Medical administrative assistants typically work full-time and not part-time.  In outpatient and hospital care centers, they’re likely to be a salaried hourly worker that means they are bound by the regulations of the Fair Labor Standards Act .In the offices of physicians where they work, they are more likely to be salaried employees that means they aren’t entitled to overtime when they’re asked to work for more than eight hours in a row.

Do you have a need for Medical Administrative Assistants?

The need in medical administrators are positively associated with the expansion of the overall healthcare industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the need of medical professionals will rise by 18 percent between 2020 and 2030. .This is true, but this number applies to “medical aiding” broadly, but it is important to remember there are many administrative professionals who have completed MA programs but have decided to concentrate on the administrative aspect of healthcare during their careers.

What is the reason there is a need for MEDICAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS?

As previously mentioned the need for medical administrative assistants is in tandem with the growing demand of healthcare in general throughout all of the U.S. where The healthcare industry’s profits are expected to rise by 5% in 2024. .There are a variety of factors that affect this increase:

* The population that is aging:

In 2030 the number of Americans which is 20% of the total population, will be above 65 years old. .Senior citizens require more healthcare services than those younger than 65.

*The 2010 Affordable Care Act (ACA):

The ACA helped increase in the amount of Americans having access to health services by 31 million. .Access to health services, comes higher rates of utilization.

The rising incidence of preventable illnesses:

The rates of use for healthcare consumers are largely influenced by the decisions they make.For instance that obesity is increasing within the U.S. Obesity is preventable and greatly increases the chance of suffering from diabetes heart attacks, strokes.These diseases require medical intervention.

What is the starting salary of a MEDICICAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT?

What is the salary starting point of medical administrative assistants in 2023?The starting salary of an administrative assistant for medical can be found at $13.53 for an hour. That’s or $541 weekly and $2,350 per month or $28,150 per year.  This is less than the average starting salary for all occupations in all of the U.S. ( A year’s salary of $32,592. .)After putting into a full year of their task, MAAs’ salaries have been increasing by 4%, to $29,240 annually.

Beginning salaries differ greatly based on the location of the business.  This is partly due to cost of living changes and a large part due to the factors of demand and supply.  If you live in states that have costs of living very high such as Hawaii, California, New York and Oregon it is possible for the entry-level healthcare administrative assistants to earn higher than the average national wage.  There are a lot of suitable candidates for this position since it isn’t requiring much in the in terms of education, and it can bring the average starting salary down in these states.

Beginning Medical Administrative
Assistant Salary

What is the typical salary of a Medical ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT?

What will be the median wage of an administrative assistant for medical services in 2023?The median medical administrative assistant’s pay amounts to $17.78 per hour. This is which is $711 per week or $3,080 per month which is equivalent to $36,980 yearly.  Medical administrative assistants typically reach this standard after employed for a period of nine years.


The average salaries for medical administrative assistants range between a maximum that of $45,820 Washington State to a low of $29,650 in Louisiana.  That’s right healthcare administrative assistants working located in the Evergreen State make 55 percent more than healthcare administrative assistants from Louisiana, which is the Bayou State.  However, Cost of living the cost of living Washington State is 32% more than The cost to live the cost of living Louisiana This balances out a portion of the differential in salary.


Average salaries also reflect laws of supply and demand.  As mentioned earlier the entry requirements for jobs as medical administrative assistants are relatively low.  As the number of applicants is greater than the demand and employers don’t have to pay to attract talented workers.

Average Medical Administrative
Salary of Assistant


Medical administrative assistants’ wages rise as they acquire more years of experience.  The medical administrative assistants who have between one and 4 years experience earn 29.240 dollars per year that’s 4% higher than what entry-level medical assistants earn.  Administrative assistants in the medical field with between five and nine years of experience make an average of $36,010 per year that’s 28% more than the amount medical administrative assistants in the entry-level position earn.

Medical administrative assistants who have at least two decades years of experience make an average salary of $46,640 per year which is a third higher than what entry-level medical assistants make.  Healthcare administrative assistants who are seeking certification or are able to become specialists in one area of their work are most likely to be paid the highest end of their salary range.

level of experienceHourlyWeeklyMonthlyAnnual
4 to 5 Years of Experience$14.06$562$2,440$29,240
5-9 years of experience$17.31$693$3,000$36,010
10 to 19 years of experience$20.25$810$3,510$42,110
20 years or more of experience$22.42$897$3,890$46,640

What is the average total annual compensation (SALARY PLUS BENEFITS) of a Medical Administrative Assistant?

Benefits are perks that are not cash-based and employers utilize when they are trying to attract top talent for the jobs they have to fill.  Benefits include medical insurance as well as paid time off, and the chance to contribute to retirement plans sponsored by employers.

Benefits in cash could be significant.  For instance medical administrative assistants employed in private industry receive benefits equivalent to $16,109 annually in average. This is equivalent approximately 42% earnings and raises their total compensation to $54,239 a year.  Medical administrative assistants working in the public sector receive benefits equivalent to $24,122 a year on average. This amounts up to 62% earnings and increases their total compensation to $63,312 per year.

Medical administrative assistants working for smaller employers such as small hospitals or solo-practice doctors generally receive less advantages than those working for larger hospitals and clinics.

State and
Local Government
Paid Leave$4,014$4,812
Additional Pay$1,898$633
Savings and Retirement$1,844$7,851
Legally Required$4,122$3,482
Total Benefits$16,109$24,122
Average Annual Salary$38,130$39,190
Amount of Total Annual Pay$54,239$63,312

Medical Administrative ASSISTANT SALARY in comparison to. OTHER SALARIES

Salaries for Medical Assistants Vs. Other occupations

While being medical administrative assistants can provide some degree of security in the workplace and flexibility with respect to schedules however, it’s not the best way to earn money quickly.  The average salary for medical administrators is just 37% lower than the average wage for all occupations in every part in the U.S.  The reason for this is the job’s lack of barriers to entry, and minimal educational requirements.

Medical Administrative Assistant
Average Annual Salary
All occupations
Average Annual Salary

Salaries for Medical Administrative Assistants. Additional Medical Assistant jobs

Medical assistants in general are the lowest-paying profession and medical administrative assistants are the least-paid part of this group.Medical administrative assistants make less than medical assistants who are certified as well as 33 percentage less than clinical assistants and 22 percentage lower than medical assistants who are registered.

rankJob TitleAverage
Annual Salary
1Certified Medical Assistant$38,810-$1,830-4.72%
2Clinical Medical Assistant$38,250-$1,270-3.32%
3Registered Medical Assistant$37,690-$710-1.88%
4Medical Administration Assistant$36,980$00.00%

Healthcare Administrative Associate Salary. Other Jobs in Healthcare

In the medical sector employees who carry out medical procedures as well as provide other clinical services typically receive higher wages than those who support them.  Medical administrative assistants are able to provide support services in the healthcare sector, and so it’s not a surprise that they make 55% less than dental hygiene professionals who provide dental cleaning and 28 percent lesser than LPNs who offer nursing treatment.  However, medical administrative assistants’ salary is the same as pharmacy and psychiatric technicians who also work as support personnel.

It is important to note Medical administrative assistants earn an average of 24% less that medical professionals, even when there is a number of similarities between the roles of both.  This is a clear indication of how when they specialize in a specific area of their job medical administrative assistants are able to make more money.

RankingJob TitleAverage
Annual Salary
1Dental Hygienist$81,360-$44,380-54.55%
2Assistants and assistants in Occupational Therapy$61,760-$24,780-40.12%
3Registered Practical and Vocational Nurse$51,850-$14,870-28.68%
4Assisting and Physical Therapist$51,280-$14,300-27.89%
5Medical Records Specialist$48,310-$11,330-23.45%
6Dental Assistant$42,510-$5,530-13.01%
8Psychiatric Technician$38,000-$1,020-2.68%
9Pharmacy Technician$37,970-$990-2.61%
10Medical Administration Assistant$36,980$00.00%
11Nursing Assistant$33,250+$3,730+11.22%

What are the 5 most important Factors that affect the salary of a MEDICAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSOCIATED?

Salary levels for medical administrative assistants are affected by a myriad of elements, such as:

1. Geographical place of origin:

The location of the office has the biggest impact on the salaries of medical administrative assistants.  As mentioned above there’s more than $16,000 difference in between Washington State where healthcare administrative assistants earn the highest in average, in comparison to Louisiana in which healthcare administrators make the lowest.

2. Experience:

60% of medical administrative assistants are out of their positions within two years. .As mentioned earlier the longer you remain in the position of medical administrative assistant and the more lucrative the potential for earning to be.

3. Training and education:

The only fast and hard qualification for the majority of administrative positions in the medical field is an graduation certificate from a high school.Medical administrative assistants who have associate degrees earn about the same amount as medical assistants with high school diplomas. However, medical administrative assistants who have an undergraduate degree in any field receive salaries that are 2percent higher than those with a bachelor’s degree, whereas medical administrative assistants who have the master’s degree in any discipline have pay that is 19% more. .Accreditations like the A Medical Administrator with a Certification (CMAA) certificate issued by the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) (NHA) are likely to provide job applicants with a greater than a competitive edge.

4. Practice setting:

Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical administrative assistants earn the most lucrative salaries in outpatient clinics and hospitals. .

5. Specializations:

Administrative medical assistants that invest the time to study specific skills like medical coding or bookkeeping will likely to earn more money since they are highly sought after.


Can medical administrators earn decent money?The answer is “No.” The median wage for all workers across the U.S. without a college degree is $40,612. The salary is 10% more than the typical medical administrative assistant’s salary.Medical administrative assistants provide job security and flexible scheduling but it’s difficult to live with the wage of a medical administrator on their own.

Are MEDICAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS satisfied with their salaries?

Medical administrative assistants aren’t content with their wages.In fact, In a survey conducted of 1,305 assistants to medical administration, conducted by the data aggregator for labor market statistics CareerExplorer the respondents rated this job among the most unhappy jobs within the U.S. Respondents’ discontent was the result of an intense discontent over the inadequate salaries.


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